Expert Stone cleaning at competitive prices

The world around your stonework is constantly changing. Using the latest methods, we at Direct Stone Specialists use high-tech stone cleaning techniques for your stonemasonry.

Stone repairs that last

There's no doubting that stone is strong, but like all things it goes through states of disrepair. With our stone repair techniques, you can make your walls and properties last longer.

Using traditional stone cleaning methods
  • We can use both modern and traditional stone cleaning methods

  • Our stone cleaning services reach every crevice

  • Use our stone repairs for lasting results

  • Get in touch to see if we're available to help you

Do you need a new stone carving?

Whether the outside of your home or business is looking dull, you can use stone carving to bring it back to life. We have over 20 years' experience in the Glasgow and Dundee areas, making us your go-to stone experts.

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