Creating traditional & contemporary extensions

Stone cladding is an old technique, yet it can be used to create traditional and contemporary extensions. Whether you know which design you want or you need us to help, our designers will have something up their sleeve for your extension.

Exterior and interior stone cladding

If you're a lover of all things rustic you don't need to stick to exterior stone cladding. We offer interior stone cladding too. At Direct Stone Specialists, our cladding services are available throughout Glasgow and Stranraer.

Reliable stone cladding services
  • Our stone cladding services are based on 20 years' experience

  • You can come to us for your traditional and contemporary extension needs

  • Use interior stone cladding for a charming and rustic look

  • Complement the design with stone carvings

Get in touch today

Using our stonework techniques, you can make your next building project that extra bit special. We work with both commercial and domestic customers, so give us a call to see if we're available.

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